Networking Workshop

If the old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” is true, then international students are in deep trouble because most lack a base of contacts when they arrive in the U.S 


Drawing heavily on Chapter 5, Become a Global Networker, of The International Advantage Get Noticed Get Hired! this workshop focuses on helping international students develop advanced networking communication skills which will help them create genuine relationships with a new base of U.S contacts. Packet with counterintuitive information grounded on reliable research this session often makes international students feel a little uncomfortable at first, while causing them to be introspective about how they view networking. As the session progresses, it is our experience that most students, on their own, re-frame their approach to networking and look forward to meeting new people. This is a normally a 2-part program. Part 2 is when students report their individual networking results. This is a challenging, results-driven workshop. This program is only available for graduate international students. Content is not appropriate for undergraduate students. Contact us to learn more and we will review with you in more detail the “thought process” behind the design of our networking program.


I attended Marcelo's seminar on Networking in the US, and found it helpful. He answered some of the most pressing yet hard to ask questions that we have as international students in the US. The session was interactive, and he provided real life examples that made his advice both authentic and relatable. 

Anna Sanga | MBA Candidate at NYU Stern
Beauty & FMCG Professional | Asia/New Market Entry | Business Development & Strategy

Marcelo Barros solidified the critical role networking takes in the US culture to our international students. Before his program, our students did not fully realize how important having positive networking experiences would be to their job search. Marcelo walked them through scenarios and also shared his own experiences as an international student on the job hunt. After Marcelo’s networking presentation, I saw a noticeable increase in our international students reaching out for informational interviews and overall networking.

Patrice Lincoln | Director, Career Advising, William & Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia

I didn’t expect much when I first entered Marcelo’s class and I though it would be just another useless self help program. To my surprise, the program was very helpful. Since then, I have been using his very pragmatic recommendations and I’ve made great progress in the way I approach people who may hire me in the future. Thank you again for this opportunity!

Borja Prado Benítez, Graduate Student, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown
Washington DC

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