Ready to keep the heart rate of your international students up?

Then bring the power of The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired!  to your campus


Our live programs tend to have a strong “hands-on” component and a high stickiness factor. Our credibility and deep know-how in the international student job search space allows us to inform, motivate, and provide customized job search messages to different groups of international students. We are very much against “one size fits all” job search programs for international students. As you persue our program options, we hope you will appreciate our efforts to say no to a thousand things as we have a very tight and precise concept for what The International Advantage is, and what it is not. In the end, we only want to expose our international students to what we believe are the best things that allow them to develop to their full potential, and ultimately secure jobs in the U.S. Helping international students leverage their international advantages is what we do. This mantra has always defined our being and it continues to manifest itself in everything we stand for and create.

To date The International Advantage program has landed in departments such as Information Sciences, Engineering, Public Health, Computer Science, International Studies, and many others. We seek long-term, strategic partnerships with the universities we work with, as opposed to one-time engagements.

We offer you our unique set of experiences to give your international students the edge they need to get noticed and hired. Our work reinforces common job search practices promoted by career services, but it also introduces new content and frameworks specially created to help international students get hired. We will work closely with you to determine program content and learning outcomes. If you believe in what we do as much as we do, then call us and let’s talk about a possible engagement at your school for your international students. And let’s move fast because our international students are under much pressure.



Marcelo motivated our international students to think critically about what they bring to the table and how they stand out. Our students left with a high sense of self and the confidence they needed to build strong networks in their fields. Marcelo’s energy and passion have inspired our students to think about their job search differently.

Akshar Patel | Career Development Coach

Marcelo brings a great combination of energy and information to really connect with students – it’s much more than just a presentation! He is incredibly engaging and brings the content to life in a very relatable way including his own first-hand experiences. Our students and faculty loved it! Definitely, recommend and hope to have back on campus again!

Ryan P. Corbalis, Associate Director of Career Development & Placement, Sacred Heart University

Ryan P. Corbalis | Associate Director of Career Development & Placement
Sacred Heart University

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