1-on-1 Career Coaching For International Students


Dear International Student,

If you are serious about securing a great H-1B job or a great internship in the U.S, our private coaching program maybe right for you.

The only way to receive job search assistance from The International Advantage is through a private, paid, job search consultation. We are not able to respond to individual messages we receive from International Students via social media channels, for example.

Also, please note that our private coaching program is ONLY open to international students enrolled at universities that don't partner with The International Advantage. You don't need private coaching if your university partners with The International Advantage and if you attend of one our live job search programs.

We rely on the methodologies described in The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired!  to generate job search plans that fit the unique needs of the international students we work with.

There are currently 2 coaching packages you may choose from:

$845 (3-hour coaching package)

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An alternative to the 3-hour coaching program is the opportunity to have a one-time consultation. No subsequent appointments are accepted.

$300 (50-min. coaching package)

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Below are some of the typical questions we have addressed via the 50-min. one-time coaching program:

  • I have applied to 400 jobs and have only received 3 calls from recruiters. I'm graduating in a month. I need to use OPT. What do I do?
  • I need an internship. I've tried everything and nothing. What's the best way for me to find a summer internship?
  • All I get is "sorry, we don't sponsor". What can I change about my job search strategy in order to generate results?
  • I need someone with experience in my field to evaluate my profile and give me an honest opinion about where I stand compared to my competition. Can I connect with professionals in my industry of choice to get an unbiased opinion?
  • I'm unclear regarding where I am most marketable in the U.S and feel I lack focus. How can I maximize my chances of finding U.S employment given my background?
  • I want to maximize my odds of being picked by the H1-B lottery. What can I do?
  • I need to expand my list of potential target companies but have found it difficult to identify names of firms that sponsor. What can I do?
  • I have a big interview coming up and want an outside perspective on how I come across, etc. Can I have a mock interview?
  • I have not picked a major yet but I already know I want to stay and work in the U.S after graduation. How should I proceed?
  • I have been accepted into different MBA programs in the U.S and want to understand how to choose a school that will maximize my chances of U.S employment after graduation. How can I make an informed decision?
  • MS in Business Analytics, MS in Finance or maybe MS in Accounting? I want to choose the right MS degree which will increase my chances of finding work in the U.S. How do I make this decision?
  • I'm still in my home country and want to start job searching right away so when I arrive in the U.S I already know what I need to do to be successful. How can I get a fast start in my job search?


Each college has a lot of wonderful resources regarding career development. I haven’t talked with everyone working at career centers but I know they are a great group of people. They are professional and nice. They offer good suggestions. I enjoyed having my conversations with them. Before starting private coaching sessions I thought career center was good enough – they can review my resume, offer different workshops, go through mock interviews, etc. When I started private coaching sessions, my views changed. I would say private coaching is a PLUS for international students during career searching/ development, especially when you are uncertain, confused and in need of comprehensive and thorough advising.

Xiaoyu (Sophia) Wang, undergraduate economics student from China
William and Mary University

Marcelo knows the world of how to find a job in the U.S as an international student better than anyone I have met during my studies. Marcelo was able to provide me with advice that I did not obtain from anyone else, advice that in the end increased my chances of securing an H-1B visa. I am an accounting major - undergraduate international student from India. I will be joining PWC right after graduation. Thanks to Marcelo and his great advice - and some luck as well - I already have my H-1B.

Vikas Jagwani, undergraduate accounting student from India, Drury University, Experienced Audit Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers
Drury University

Marcelo has a gift and talent for opening the door to networking. In contrast promoting aggressiveness and sheer confidence, he encourages a softer method that does not focus on pure impressiveness, mentoring students to build relationships with natural psychological effects. He stands firmly behind his belief in transparency and honesty, his belief that the core of any long-lasting relationship is to be revealing to make deep emotional connections. I was once a horrible networker at the beginning of my college career, but Marcelo helped me realize that much of my limitations were self-imposed. I had fallen into the common trap of perfection in appearance, generating an artificial and unnecessary pressure to impress. Networking is an art, an art that appreciates the genuine you.

David J Quin, International undergraduate student from China
NYU Stern School of Business

I worked with Marcelo a while ago on networking as an international student. Before going into the sessions, I didn't have much idea about what networking even was. Throughout the sessions, Marcelo was patient and clear about how to connect with professionals either through LinkedIn or face-to-face meetings. At the end of the sessions, I learned a whole lot about networking and it has served me well till today. For that, I am very grateful of Marcelo and think that he is a great teacher.

Zihua (James) Liu, undergraduate student from China
Stanford University

I'm a 1st year MBA student attending Boston College and have been struggling to get an internship in the U.S. This is my first time studying overseas and I faced the usual difficulties international students face when job searching. Fortunately, I had the chance to work closely with Marcelo as my career coach. After diagnosing my situation, Marcelo decided that my main goal should be to improve my networking skills and build connections with people inside the firms I was interested in targeting. Marcelo is a very experienced career coach who really understands the job search challenges that international students face. He taught me a lot of useful networking skills I will be able to use for the rest of my life. With Marcelo's help, I connected with professionals from companies such as Goldman Sacks, Barclays Investment Bank and many others. Many international students don't understand the meaning and importance of networking during the job search and don’t know how to improve themselves to get a job. Marcelo will definitely be helpful in your career journey!

Tianyu Gu, 1st year MBA from China
Boston College

I reached out to Marcelo two years ago when I decided to pursue my career path in quantitative analysis/risk management in the financial industry. I did not know how to start my job search journey and Marcelo immediately helped me reach out to some quantitative analysis/risk management professionals. Some of these professionals were introduced to me by Marcelo's own network, but I also secured some contacts on my own due to the networking skills Marcelo taught me. I benefited a lot from the coaching I received from Marcelo since I did not know how to best focus my efforts in order to secure my career goals. In the end, I got a great graduate internship at Discover during the Summer of 2016, and now I'm now looking for full-time job opportunities. I feel more confident to network with people and I know what to do to be successful, despite the visa challenges I know I will face. Thank you very much, Marcelo!

Bocong Du, International graduate student (Ph.D.) in Economics from China
University of Houston

For an international student who has lost all hopes, Marcelo is that person who shows you light at the end of the tunnel. A highly optimistic person, his mere presence gives you the energy to work towards your goals. Finding a job in the US is very tough for an international student because of the multiple hurdles involved. Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” Similarly, Marcelo knows a thousand different reasons why you didn’t land up that job even though your interview was superb. To quote Marcelo, “At the end of the day, job search is like match-making. There’s a better match waiting out for you.” Any international student coming to the US has already cleared a hundred different hurdles- test scores, language tests, interviews, securing loans etc. The student just needs a Marcelo to build confidence, inspire, and keep the motivation levels up through the job search process.

Anant Bhatia, International MBA graduate from India
University of Maryland, H-1B visa holder


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    My name is Lana Do. I am a junior studying Industrial Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I am looking for an internship at a US company this summer that is related to my field: Supply chain and Process Planning. I am applying for many jobs mostly posted on the website of the companies that I am interested in but not much result. My question is how to network and find an internship where I can improve my skills and open opportunities for future employment. I really really need a personal coaching program, and I think you will be a great assistance and might be just what I need. Please respond and let me know if you have questions for me!

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