Our Founder

My name is Marcelo Barros and I’m excited to share my story with you. As a former international student, and now professional who has worked with a plethora of clients including undergraduate and graduate students at major universities, I want to continue to empower international students with confidence to land their dream jobs.

Being a Brazilian who grew up in Florianopolis, I was curious to experience the world and investigate options to study overseas in the United States at the University of Oregon.

Upon finishing my degree, I became a desperate international student, scrambling for work and still finding myself unemployed. After all, I had no real job search plan.

To get the process started, I went to my university Career Center to get advice. I got so used to going there that I eventually got hired as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Before I knew it, international students approached me more and more asking me, “how do I get a job in the U.S Marcelo?” Not only did I found myself comfortable answering this question, but I also felt connected to international students and passionate about helping them.

You can learn more about myself and how I approach my work by watching the video below.


Since I first arrived in the U.S over 20 years ago I moved from J-1 to Academic Training (very similar to OPT), H1-B for 6 years, then my green card, and then I finally became a U.S citizen in 2007. Somehow I survived this journey. Post MBA I worked for companies such as Lucent Technologies and Cisco Systems. I have experienced strong corporate cultures which have shaped me into the professional I am today and have allowed me to create The International Advantage. Along the way I also worked at university career centers, and always focused my efforts on the job search needs of international students.

Certainly, life has come full circle, and with over two decades of experience, I’m happy to help international students beat the odds, showcase their authentic selves, stand out with their unique talents and skills, impress employers, and secure jobs in the U.S.

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