ISEL Program (one-on-one meetings)

The ISEL program typically starts with a 45 min. webinar followed by individual meetings – 30 min. meetings – which is when international students receive customized feedback geared towards increasing their chances of securing U.S jobs. The goal of the ISEL program is to help international students stand out from the large crowd of MBAs by leveraging unique competitive advantages they must build on as they seek U.S jobs. High-quality feedback where there’s a back and forth exchange to get a deeper understanding is what the ISEL program is all about. Contact us and we will put you in touch with universities that rolled out the ISEL engagement. In the meantime, see the video and reviews below.


At the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, we recognize both the unique challenges and opportunities our international students face when trying to achieve their job search goals. Having been through the process himself, Marcelo Barros has a distinct approach to engaging with the students that convey a sincere desire to help them be successful and immediately builds a trusting relationship. Given the impact of Marcelo’s first ISEL session at our campus, we have decided to add The International Advantage session to our international student orientation”

Melissa F. Shapiro | Director, Career Management Center,
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business | University of Pittsburgh

I attended Marcelo's session at my university. He taught us how to create our own SWOT matrix, except with a twist and a better approach. This piece really helps you straighten your thoughts and highlights your strengths and gaps. Thereafter, I also did a one-on-one with him where we discussed my ISEL profile in detail and he gave me more specific advice. I wish I had done this exercise early on in my MBA. I haven't read the book but I would recommend that international students do read it, and do so early on in their program so that they know what they need to work on right away and can play to their strengths.

Hiral D | MBA
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business | University of Pittsburgh

The Neeley MBA program worked with Marcelo to do a two-part, virtual ISEL workshop. Marcelo explained his ISEL model to students via a webinar, and then met with each one-on-one for 30 minutes to go over their models. I received highly positive feedback from the students, who were able to think about how they could differentiate from their other international classmates. We did this in late September/early October, which was a great time to propel them into the fall recruiting reason...Marcelo was transparent with our students in what he could deliver, and he was highly communicative when it came to coordinating all of the details.

Ashley (Sroufe) Feldhues
TCU (Neely School of Business) | MBA Career Coach

“Marcelo was a very engaging presenter, and our students enjoyed the benefits of the ISEL program. Our international students benefitted greatly from the ISEL format/approach, as there are [visa] sponsorship hurdles even in a robust employment market. The one-on-one feedback sessions with Marcelo were insightful and provided students with customized feedback tailored to their career goals”.

Shannon Hightower
Rice University | MBA Career Advisor

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