What’s The International Advantage?

The mission of The International Advantage is to help international students stand out, showcase their strengths, live in their authenticity, and secure jobs in the United States. One way I accomplish this is by partnering with universities to help foreign students capitalize on the unique value they bring to American employers.

My job search frameworks are far from cookie cutter. They have been designed to highlight unique traits international students offer to U.S employers, and provide actionable steps for landing a job.

Weaknesses can take a seat.

Rather, I encourage students in my presentations and consultations to hone their talents and skills, tell their stories from abroad, and play to their strengths to get hired.

All of my clients have felt confident and sure of themselves walking into a job interview. I have worked with international students from Harvard, Stanford, NYU, College of William and Mary, Purdue University, George Washington University, University of Pittsburgh, Georgetown, Sacred Heart University and several other U.S universities.

So what are my secret ingredients and methodologies?

For one, I avoid broad generalizations about what international students need to do to get jobs in the U.S. My methodology is primarily grounded on 5 elements:

Experience | Research | Creative Analytics | Empathy | Courage

My work has been featured by Bloomberg, American Marketing Association, University World News, Poets and Quants, QSTopMBA, GMAC, TheMuse, Vault and several other publications. I work hard to produce impact driven, actionable, and out-of-the-box job search strategies.

If you are a career driven international student, my mission is to help you get hired. International students owe it to themselves to seek customized and specific mentorship in order to put their best foot forward.

To that end, getting hired is a process - a journey with ups and downs, lessons of resilience and hard work, and realizations of what you are made of. It is a process of discovering who you are at your core, owning your international story, and showcasing to employers the texture of your personality and myriad of life skills.

You must train hard for the job search and embrace the process. I'm grateful to have the experience to be able to impact and help you get fit for the job search marathon. I want to run this race with you. Sure, it takes courage and risk to go after what you really want, but the reward is tremendous.

Click on the link below and fill out the contact form and I will periodically send you information aimed at helping you get hired:

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Also, check out my book The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired! which will serve as a starting point to help you accomplish your job search goals. Take initiative, push hard, and love the process. I'm rooting for you.

P.S. Curious to get a feel for one of The International Advantage workshops?
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