10 GREAT Job Search Wins From International Students in 2019

Winners! Our international students continue to get hired by top U.S firms. It’s pretty incredible. This article contains job search advice from 10 successful international students I worked with in 2019. Let’s celebrate their success, and hear what each one of them has to say about what it takes to land a job in the U.S. Enjoy!

Vanessa Contreras

Vanessa Contreras

Make a list of the target companies that sponsor international students. Apply online but definitely connect with people who work there on LinkedIn to know more about the company, and the roles you’re interested in.

Nisarg Gandhi

Nisarg Gandhi

myvisajobs.com provides past visa sponsorship info for similars role in the company that you are applying for. Having this info gave me better hope and confidence when interviewing. Knowing that employees had been sponsored for the role I wanted helped me give my best shot.

Utkarsh Shukla

Utkarsha Shukla

Keep evolving along the journey, with each new networking conversation and with each interview that does not bring success. Believe in the hard work that you are putting in every day, and there are people out there who deeply value what you bring to the table. (Snagged by Amazon. Started following The International Advantage before coming to the U.S, by the way)

Nisarg Patel

Nisarg Patel

Align and relate the academic and industry projects experience that you have with that of the job description. Emphasize learnability over expertise of a tool.

Ezra Meir Cohen

Ezra Meir Cohen

If you had an interview with a company that you really clicked with, but you didn’t get the job, don't dispair. Reach out to the interviewers again because they might connect you with someone else in the company.

Jay Jani

Get your resume reviewed by senior professionals with backgrounds similar to yours.  Be creative and create a Tableau resume, and insert a link of it in a Word resume. Showcase creativity and analytical ability.

Ernest Olusanya

Once you identify which firms you want to target and that may sponsor look out for networking events, seminars, trainings, and open workshops organized by the firms you’re targeting. Get in front of these companies.

Mokshita Bhan

Be brave and reach out to people on Linkedln. Introduce yourself to your contacts, and tell them how you can add value to their organization. Be specific and give examples of how you can impact their business.

Luis Alvarez

What are your passions in terms of target companies, industries, and job duties? Know what you want to do. Also, make the most out of each interview, especially if you know the firm sponsors and you are convinced that you are a good fit.

Yaqian (Cindy) Wang, Macc

Try to participate in student clubs/organizations to obtain leadership skills - those are great resume builders as well! Also, keep positive. It makes a big difference if you stay positive.

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