10 Great 2017 H-1B Wins

International students dreaming of a great H-1B job will find inspiration in the success stories below. I know each one of the 10 2017 H-1B winners you are about to meet and know you will agree that this group of H-1B winners is offering great job search advice.

Well, let me introduce you to the 10 H-1B 2017 winners I wanted you to meet.

Carol Chen

Meet Carol everyone, who I connected with 2 years ago at Sacramento State University. Don’t you love Carol’s advice? Simple and soo important.

Show your personal strength and how this strength is a necessary skill for the company. – Carol Chen

Eduardo Machado

Fellow Brazilian Eduardo is now enjoying the second phase of his stay in U.S with an H-1B visa in his pocket and a job he loves.

Be resilient. All it takes is one offer. Have your best friends involved in your job search. – Eduardo Machado

Yucheng Guo

Yucheng Guo executed a great job search strategy that insured success. And he survived a RFE. 


Follow up often. If you don’t hear back, send a short, polite email to ask about the job status. Managers tend to have a million things to do and hiring is actually a low priority for them. – Yucheng Guo

Bihn Phan

Bihn was wired to job search from Day 1 and he is another RFE survival. After you finish reading this post check out our full-interview with Bihn below. “Take a look”. You’ll like what Bihn has to say.

Take a look!

You should start finding an on-campus job in your 1st semester in the U.S as an international student. – Bihn Phan

Bocong Du

I miss working with Dr. Du. So humble. So crazy smart. His financial models are 3-dimensional. They look magical. Great job Boco!

Be social.  Every international student I see is hard working and talented. We really just need to know how to manage our social networks and reach out to those opportunities. – Bocong Du 

Meng Zhao

Want another example of an undergraduate international student who beat the odds got her H-1B visa?

Don’t give up hope.  There are always work arounds. Identity shouldn’t block one from chasing their dreams. Working with a great company that offers no sponsorship can get international students prepared for their next career move. In fact, getting good experience is more important than getting the visa. – Meng Zhao

Lisa Cheng

Savvy marketing and a superior profile proved to be irresistible for Deloitte. Great success story of an MS international student who did it!

Before applying for the position candidates can check out an H-1B database H-1B job database to check if the company sponsored internationals before and if the firm is E-verified. – Lisa Cheng

Hiral Desai

When I took a look at Hiral’s profile I asked her: “why don’t you have 3 job offers?” She thought I was joking.  Success awaited her just around the corner. We continue to celebrate Hiral’s success.

Do not expect or ask a contact to help with securing an interview or referral the first time you reach out to them. Focus on building a personal connection or rapport before asking for any assistance. – Hiral Desai 

Juan Quiros

A truly PERFECT finish for William and Mary international MBA Juan Quiros. It really does not get any better than this.

Act as you are already an employee of the company during your internship and try to leave a footprint behind. – Juan Quiros

Vikas Jagwani

Vikas took full control of his destiny and left little to chance. He asked all the right questions. In the end PwC snagged him.

Research companies that recruit internally through your school and find out if they may sponsor. You can Google any company that applied for an H-1B visa and find out how many visas were issued in that fiscal year for that specific company. – Vikas Jagwani


Marcelo Barros is the founder of  The International Advantage, a job search firm specialized in helping international students secure U.S jobs. As a former H-1B visa winner Marcelo partnered with over 30 universities in 2017 and helped over 5,000 international students get noticed and hired. 

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