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Was 2020 a tough year? For most of us I think the answer to this question is definitely “yes”.

But for the international students below, maybe 2020 was not such a bad year after all, because they got noticed and hired.

Without further due, meet the 10 extraordinary international students below I had a chance to work with. Most importantly, put their job search recommendations into practice so you can get hired as well. By the way, check out the Get Hired International Advantage live Zoom course at the bottom of this article. If you enroll I’ll see you in class on March 30th at 8:00 p.m. EST!

Your previous work history can really differentiate you from other candidates. So leverage that to the max


Shoot for 50% of your job applications to come from referrals


Be strategic and systematized with your job search. Set goals and track your progress with the help of Excel


Don’t discard firms that may have never sponsored before. I was the 1st H-1B employee of my company


Some employers may not know they can hire you via CPT or OPT. Explain what is possible


Take care of your health while job searching. Exercise, have fun, and enjoy your friends


Don’t discard unpaid internships so quickly. My unpaid internship turned into a full-time, paid OPT job offer


What’s your backup plan? Do prepare for worst-case scenarios when job searching


Target executives when job searching and don’t be afraid to reach out to them


Make yourself visible. I applied on LinkedIn first for the job I got, but also sent my resume to HR, and to the partners of the firm I joined



Are you an international student looking for jobs or internships in the U.S.? Are you super mature and ambitious? Check out our LIVE Job Search Course for International Students then, and maybe I’ll see you in class! 

Sincerely, Marcelo Barros

Founder, The International Advantage


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