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Hello everyone. My name is Marcelo Barros and it is very nice to meet you.

I should start by telling you that I have always carried the international bug in my system. To this day I am not sure how I got infected. Neither one of my parents like to travel that much. And there I was, always wanting to be far away, out in the world, observing the unusual. I went overseas for the first time at age 14, on my own.

I’m Brazilian and grew up in Florianopolis, a town known for its beautiful beaches. My interest in travel prompted me to investigate options to go to college overseas. I eventually became a desperate international student – that’s how I used to describe myself – running around the beautiful campus of the University of Oregon (UO) without a job search plan. I had always been a good student, but what I really wanted was a job in the U.S. I did not want to go home after graduation.

I was told to go to my university Career Center if I was serious about finding a job. That’s what I did. I got so used to going there that I eventually started working there my Junior year. Before I knew it, once word got out that I had gotten a job at our university Career Center, international students came knocking on my door asking me, “How do I get a job in the U.S Marcelo?” Without realizing this at first I found myself feeling more and more comfortable trying to answer this question.

You can learn a little bit more about myself and how I approach my work by watching the video below.


Since I first arrived in the U.S over 20 years ago I moved from J-1 to Academic Training (very similar to OPT), H1-B for 6 years, then my green card, and then I finally became a U.S citizen in 2007. Post MBA I worked for companies such as Lucent Technologies and Cisco Systems. The strong corporate cultures I have experienced have shaped me into the professional I am today and have allowed me to create The International Advantage. Along the way I also worked at university career centers and while there focused my efforts on the job search needs of international students.

And rest is history, as they say. It seems that life has come full circle for me and through The International Advantage I find myself now doing what I used to do as a UO college student: help my international friends beat the odds and secure U.S jobs. To say I’m lucky is an understantement. I also love the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the world of work. And last but not least, as an avid fly fisherman I find inspiration to design unusual job search training programs for international students while looking for trout.

Catch and release, always

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