The International Advantage Book


The International Advantage is a must read for any international student (F1 of J1 visa) who dreams about a securing a job in the U.S, or is serious about pursuing a global career.


Dear International Student: It's time for you to get hired, and I have the experience to help you accomplish your job search goals. Read my book The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired! and engage with its content. Circle what you feel is most important. Underline what you don't understand. Apply the concepts and methodologies described on the book, and have conversations with your career advisors at your school about what you are reading. Start your journey today. I'm rooting for you.

Sample Chapters

Getting The Most Out Of Career Services
What Employers Think About International Students
The Impact Of Culture
Become A Global Networker
Proving Your Fit Plus More
Social Savviness
Interviewing On Your Terms
The Greatest Gift of All: Become Bicultural
Job Search Strategy You Must Use