For STEM Majors


International STEM students are the favorites in the race towards an H-1B job. But like every other international job seeker, they must get super fit for the job search marathon. 

The job search training programs we offer international STEM majors follow similar principles we use to train international MBAs but with a few important differences. For example, we strongly emphasize the great value that certain STEM students enjoy by having up to 36-months of OPT.

Based on the principles discussed in The International Advantage Get Noticed Get Hired! we walk students through a methodology that allows them to confidently develop contacts inside firms that might be open to hiring international STEM students. To date The International Advantage has landed in STEM departments such as Engineering, Informational Science, Computer Science and even Public Health. Below is an example of a STEM focused International Advantage job search program delivered to NYU international engineering students. 



Marcelo was able to bring a personal touch and expertise to a subject that our students are acutely aware of—how to navigate the American job market as an international STEM student and be successful. Our students felt engaged and that they had a true roadmap to success, with concrete steps to take in order to secure a position in the U.S. Marcelo empowered our students with the tools to succeed and motivated them to work hard and explore all options. The impact Marcelo had on our students by sharing his methedology and knowledge is invaluable.  

Alka Singh, Internship Coordinator
School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

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