What’s The International Advantage?

The mission of The International Advantage is to help our foreign students secure jobs in the United States. One way we accomplish this goal is by partnering with universities to prepare our international students to capitalize on the unique value they bring to American employers. Our international students can see what others can't see, and do what others can't do. We are inspired by the job search opportunities and challenges that await our international students seeking jobs in the U.S . 

So what are our secret ingredients and methodologies?

We try to avoid broad generalizations about what international students need to do to get jobs in the U.S. In the end, this is what we do promise the institutions we partner with: any job search advice advice or methodology we may offer international students is primarily grounded on 5 elements:

Experience | Research | Creative Analytics | Empathy | Courage


Our job search frameworks have been carefully designed and tested to highlight the unique traits international students offer U.S employers. A great way to learn more about The International Advantage Program is by reading our blog posts and media articles posted on this site. Prior to visiting college campuses many international students we train are already familiar with The International Advantage program because they have been following us on social media. Some even send us Kudos from time to time. 

If you are a career driven international student, we want to help you get hired. So many have done it before you. Why can't you get a job in the United States? At a minimum we feel you owe to yourself to put your best foot forward as a job seeker. Motivation alone will not be enough for you to succeed. The hurdles you will probably experience as an international job seeker may seem unmanageable at times. You must train hard for what is ahead of you. 

We have the experience to help you get fit for the job search race marathon. We want to run this race with you and we want you to win. It takes courage to go after what you really want. We are deeply grateful for the international students out there who, by chasing their hopes and dreams, inspire us to chase ours.

Here's some initial advice: find your international advantage and it will lead you down a path of success and career fulfillment. And yes, it is possible to overcome H-1B visa challenges with sound job strategy and tight execution, as well as some luck. We that hope that our book The International Advantage Get Noticed. Get Hired! can serve as a starting point to help you accomplish your job search goals. Push hard international students. Get hired! We are rooting for you.

P.S. Curious to get a feel for one of The International Advantage workshops?
See the video below.