"…Marcelo is by far the most well-versed consultant we’ve hired to work with international students..."

-  Ashley (Sroufe) Feldhues, TCU MBA Career Coach


"Having hired two other outside consultants to provide job search training for international students in the past, I can attest that The International Advantage is the most effective program I have seen to date”

- Carla Morales, Concordia University at Austin, Career Services


“ …Given the impact of Marcelo’s first ISEL session at our campus, we have decided to add The International Advantage session to our international student orientation”

- Melissa F. Shapiro, Director, Career Management Center, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business | University of Pittsburgh

"Marcelo's ISEL framework provides a clear, easy way for students to develop their unique value proposition for employers in the US...or anywhere. 

- Annabel Khouri, International Student and Employer Engagement Specialist, Case Western Reserve University


"I would recommend that any college or school incorporate The International Advantage into their career services programming."

- Jessica Newcomb, Senior Career Services Coordinator, School of Public Health | Texas A&M


“…Marcelo was a joy to work with and we hope to have him back in the near future”

-  Long Wu, | Assistant Director, NYU Tandon School of Engineering


“…It was a pleasure having Marcelo speak and I am sure we’ll invite him back on campus again”

-  Randall Lewis, Executive Director, Krannert Professional Development Center, Purdue University


“…Marcelo is the best in the industry”

-  Principal (CEO) at ManGo Entertainment/Board Member


“Your program was terrific Marcelo! You provide practical advice on how international students can reframe their candidacy as a strength for companies. Not only that, your style and energy motivate students to action. They know you are sincere and genuine. 

Phil Heavilin II, Executive Director, Graduate Career Management Center, Raymond A. Mason School of Business

“…When it comes to helping international students achieve their job search goals or inspiring individuals to pursue global careers, Marcelo brings passion and deep know-how into these discussions”

-  Mauricio Lopez/Senior Human Resources Manager at Johnson and Johnson


“Marcelo’s experience, knowledge and passion is a game changer for every international student seeking career advice. As an author and speaker, Marcelo offers his audience an insight and advantage to remain competitive in the global economy.”

-John McLoughlin, Senior Director of Enrollment, Concordia College New York

“…Marcelo brings creativity and experience when creating programs that address the career development needs of international students while being mindful of the needs of employers who hire international students. ”

-  Nell Hall/Manager, Global Integrated Talent Management at Pitney Bowes


1-on-1 Career Coaching

We occasionally accept requests from international students interested in improving their chances of securing full-time jobs or internships in the U.S

Job Search Workshop Training @ Universities

We conduct job search training that help international students get noticed and hired


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